北航语言学系列讲座 Beihang Linguistics Lecture Series
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Lecture One: Grammar as Communication: a new metaphor for descriptive linguistics
Time: 2:00-4:00pm,Wednesady, June 7, 2006.
Venue: Room 510, Department of Foreign Languages, Beihang University.
Speaker: Thomas Edward Payne,(
PhD., linguistics, U.C.L.A.
International Linguistics Consultant, SIL International
Research Associate, Department Linguistics, University of Oregon
Lecture Two: Morphology and Syntax DON'T Match
Time: 2:00-4:00pm,Thursday, June 8, 2006.
Venue: Room 510, Department of Foreign Languages, Beihang University.
Speaker: Doris Lander Payne, (
PhD., linguistics, U.C.L.A.
Professor of Linguistics, University of Oregon
International Linguistics Consultant, SIL International
Chair, Department of Linguistics, University of Oregon. 1997-1999
Grammar as Communication: a new metaphor for descriptive linguistics

A linguistic grammar is a document that is intended to communicate important and complex patterns of knowledge within a speech community. Previous conceptions of linguistic grammars have emphasized a metaphor in which the internal grammar of a language is perceived as a "machine" that transforms thoughts into language structure. Written grammars were conceived as schematic representations of such machines. In this talk, I argue for a different metaphor. Because a linguistic grammar is primarily an act of communication, a good grammar possesses qualities known to hold of communicative acts in general. Recent work in linguistic pragmatics and cognitive theory is invoked to reconceptualize the work of descriptive linguistics.
Morphology and Syntax DON'T Match"

This paper presents two case studies from Maa to prove a larger universal point: morphological properties of a verb, which demonstrate the verb's lexicalized transitivity and argument properties, need not always match with the transitivity and argument properties of clauses that use that verb.Hence, syntactic theories that presume syntax is determined by lexical-level properties are inadequate, and a Construction Grammar approach appears to be the only viable option. The first case-study deals with external possession ("possessor raising), and the second with existential constructions. In the first case study, clearly intransitive verbs are used in a transitive construction with no derivational morphology whatsoever that could be changing valence. The argument properties of the resulting clause cannot be predicted from the argument properties of the verb. In the second case study, a transitive verb is used in an intransitive construction. (Interestingly, this second construction provides a "toe-hold" for the development of a Split-S grammatical system in what is otherwise a thorough-going nominative-accusative language.)
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